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Are you planning your wedding in Italy? Do you wish it to be a memorable day? Are you looking for the right setting and location? I will be pleased to be at your service.

Get inspired by the floral decorations in the photos and start dreaming of your Italian wedding. It will be unique and unforgettable! Please feel free to contact me.

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Let’s anticipate a few important FAQ’s:

1) WHERE will the ceremony take place? Our floral designs vary with the location, whether it is the local town hall, a cathedral or even a beach!

2) BUDGET: have you made up your mind on the budget? Before buying a new car you usually settle for a Grand tourer or a utility car, the same counts for the flowers!

3) HOW: will it be a formal or a more casual ceremony? A reception in a grand Hotel requires a totally different approach from an agritourism, and the same goes for a buffet or a French table setting.

4) WHEN: what about the season? Nowadays flowers are available in almost any season but prices may vary a lot. A bouquet of lilies of the valley in December could cost more than the wedding rings! Tulips in August, on the contrary, may last a time laps of just 4 pictures…

5) DISTANCE: the distance between our headquarters and the location of your wedding may imply more time and higher transfer costs. We calculate distances in kilometers, departing from our headquarters in Gallarate (Varese).

6) TRANSFER: on demand we can transport the floral arrangements from the wedding venue (church, city hall) to the restaurant, reception or party venue. Obviously it takes some time to remove, load and transport them (we’re talking about breakable goods, so we won’t be able to drive the van as if it were a rally car…) and to reassemble the decoration. In the meantime you enjoy your guests!

7) REMOVAL: in case we can dismantle all floral decorations at the end of the wedding reception. Clearly we cannot wait until the last guests finish up their last drink 3 hours after cutting the wedding cake… Furthermore, we calculate the hours we have to wait before carrying out the removal.

8) QUANTITY: the number of the flower arrangements varies with the type of venue and with the bureaucratic rules we must respect. The estimate is also subject to the arrangements’ dimensions. It’s one thing if we design constructions with 300 flowers each, but it’s different if we use small vases with 10/15 flowers.

9) PAYMENT: on confirmation of the estimate a down payment must be made. Final payment on the wedding date, easy to remember. You can go on honeymoon without any worry!

10) Download the App www.wedpics.com, wholly dedicated to weddings, and create a personalized photo album in which you can share your guest’s finest snap shots.

Request an Estimate HERE

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